Jiram hails female teachers for their courage


MOROBE’s acting education programme adviser Keith Jiram sympathises with female teachers in rural areas, some of whom have become victims of harassment and rape.
In his international teachers’ day message, Jiram honoured the women for their courage to serve children and the communities where most refused to go or were forced to serve.
Teachers’ day is celebrated globally every Oct 5.
“Female teachers in the remotest parts of the country sacrifice for the good of the children and serve there despite being physically harassed and some become victims of sexual harassment,” Jiram said
He said even without abuse, they faced hardship and huge challenges in terms of service, accommodation, food, electricity, water and transport.
Teaching in those areas was a separate challenge for them.
“We are encouraging and acknowledging their commitments. I’m also sympathising with teachers who have been teaching in remote areas for most of their lives. Some have retired after serving a lifetime and they have left silently without any recognition,” Jiram said.
He also paid tribute to 16 teachers who died this year.

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