Jiwaka behind progress

Letters, Normal

The National- Monday, January 17, 2011

 MANY people are now wondering why nothing is happening with the authority and now feel that the transitional authority should tell the public of Jiwaka if things are progressing as they ought to.

The people of Jiwaka have the right to be informed on the progress if any and if not the why of it.

There is rumor that all funds allocated so far by the government for initial establishment work has been grossly abused and expenditure to date reflects nil compliance with the established public financial management practice.

I challenge the chairman of the Authority and his Director to go public to defend their administration against the rumors.

We are being told that some members of the authority were bought top of range Toyota land cruiser four-wheel drive vehicles.

We will also be glad to know the criteria used to determine those that qualified and if that enabling provision was built into the governance book laid down by the national government for the Jiwaka Transitional Authority.

All Jiwakans must be thankful that we were granted our provincial status. We must also realize that it was not given to us on a golden plate.




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