Jiwaka coffee revival sought


GOD has blessed Papua New Guinea richly.
Jiwaka is one such blessing.
Before Papua New Guinea’s Independence, according to my small knowledge of history, Jiwaka Coffee – with WHP at the time – and Bougainville Copper funded the bulk of PNG’s budget.
The people of Jiwaka should be the happiest people around, but maybe they aren’t.
How we can develop our rich and beautiful province is the question.
I want to know when the Jiwaka provincial government will start talking about reviving the coffee factories and plantations which have closed?
The local coffee farmers are waiting for the provincial government to do something to help them.
The local people’s biggest income source is coffee – then peanuts, street markets, betel nut, etc.
Revive our coffee industry now please.

DS Kamda Kanzpena
Bromely Memorial District