Jiwaka education standard drops


THE education standard in Jiwaka has dropped dramatically in recent years.
According to the 2018 national examinations results and rankings for both grades 10s and 12s nationwide via Higher Education website, all schools in Jiwaka are outside from the top 20 ranking nationally.
This is really unthinkable and bad for an infant province whose future is dependent on human capital.
The Jiwaka provincial education board (JPEB) under the leadership of provincial education advisor (PEA) Erwin Us, must explain to the people of Jiwaka and parents why schools are not performing to certain echelons and expectations.
What he is doing as PEA?
The education standard has dropped because of PEB’s total failure in inspection and monitoring.
In order for PEB to recoup the lost education standard in the province the following things must be considered:

  • All teachers must be inspected to categorise quality from quantity. Few provinces are ranked top 20 because the fact is they have quality or best teachers and they operate on meritocracy ideology;
  • The provincial government must provide incentives for both best teachers and schools every academic year. Try to be innovative to create an internal competition amongst schools to compete for academic excellence. For instance if Fatima Secondary is performing very well in academic performance in national examinations, provincial government via JPEB should promote respective subject teachers and fund school with infrastructure like staff houses, classrooms, amongst others as a token of appreciation;
  • The provincial government in collaboration with PEB should impose strict measures on alcoholism, especially in teachers and students; and
  • Governor Dr William Tongamp must restructure Jiwaka PEB if he wants education as priority under his leadership. He himself is an educationist and understands education better and knows what education standard and quality is all about. This is a wakeup call from parents and people of Jiwaka, demanding the Office of the Governor and head of his PEB- the PEA – to step up this time.

Perform to meet expectations and put our schools in top 20 ranking when it comes to 2019 national examinations.
Otherwise they must immediately resign because human capital is important to drive the province forward in future.

Max M Wapi
Former teachers’ college lecturer

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