Jiwaka eyes cocoa farming to boost cash flow, businesses

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COCOA farming in Jiwaka will boost the province’s economy and positively impact people’s lives in terms of cash flow and business activities.
Programme manager of the Jiwaka Department of Primary Industry Fabian Apo revealed this after welcoming the initiative by the Jiwaka Youth and Women in Agriculture Association to introduce cocoa farming to the Jimi electorate.
It is a new commodity in the province.
Apo said the people of Jiwaka were ready to plant cocoa.
“We are waiting for someone to lead us. Cocoa can be grown here,” he said.
“We are waiting for the right people to come on board.”
Association founder Jessie Kamb said they had set up a nursery with 10,000 seedlings at Banz.
These will be transported back to Jimi.
The Australia Centre for International Agricultural Research cocoa project consultant Dr John Konam said cocoa would benefit the people in a big way.
He said cocoa was an important crop which the highlanders needed to farm.

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