Jiwaka gets metal factory

Highlands, Normal

The National, Wednesday July 3rd, 2013

 JIWAKA has its first sheet metal fabricating factory outside Minj town.

The factory will manufacture l building material that will be supplied all over the province and the Highlands region.

Jiwaka Builders Ltd managing director Sam Yuants said it was timely that such infrastructure was set up to serve the needs of the majority of the people living in the province and the region.

“I have seen many unfortunate people travelling all the way to Lae to buy building material and in the course they have spent a lot to get little,” Yuants said.

“As a proud Jiwakan, I felt obliged to give something back to my community and that is why I decided to build the sheet-metal factory.”

The factory has already imported rolls of sheet metal and will start manufacturing roofing iron, v-crimps, gutters, tanks and other building accessories materials.

Yuants appealed to other businessmen and women in Jiwaka to do the same.

“Our leaders have been talking about building a model province but how can they do it when such initiatives are not taken to assist the people,” he said.

“It is time now to act and start contributing to the development of our new province.

“If we wait no one will do it for us.

“Let’s use our limited resources to do something for our own province and I believe that is the way forward for us,” he said.

Jiwaka Builders Ltd is the major supplier of furniture to the Highlands region; is the single largest building and civil engineering contractor and operates a fleet of vehicles under Dotz hire cars.