Jiwaka gets traffic registry

National, Normal

The National, Wednesday 12th June 2013

 JIWAKA has a new traffic registry and Motor Vehicle Insurance Ltd (MVIL) office. 

The new office located at the Minj district administration building was opened last Friday.

Jiwakans do not have to go out of the province to register their vehicles, insure their fleets, get driver’s licence, vehicle number plates and process accident claims.

A delegation from MVIL, including board of directors chairman Dr Ken Nagen, chief executive officer Joe Wemin, director John Chris and chairman of the Independent Public Business Commission Dr Thomas Webster attended the opening.

Wemin told the people that the new office would generate internal revenue for the province and urged Jiwakans to make use of the new office.

“MVIL is the business arm of the government and we are now bringing the service right to your doorstep,” he said.

He said it was part of the management plan to have their office in each province to make it easy for vehicle owners.