Jiwaka headquarters not on agreed land


THE Jiwaka Transitional Authority was established by an Act of Parliament.
It was instrumental in the formation of the new province.
The parliament gave powers to the authority to make decisions.
One of the powers vested with the authority was to make decisions on government assets to be established in the province.
During that time, the people of Jiwaka looked up to the authority as the legitimate authority to make decisions in the best interest of everyone.
One of the most pressing issue that time was the 2012 national general election.
Whoever was elected as governor in that election was to honour the decisions put in place by the members of the authority.
During that time too, there was debate surrounding the ideal location for the establishment of the provincial headquarter.
Billy Kolip Moli proposed a joint Kudjip-Banz to become the provincial headquarter while late Roger Palme went for Minj-Kukpa.
Jiwaka Transitional Authority chairman Philip Kapal conducted a vote among members of the authority on the issue of the provincial headquarter.
The result was 7-4 in favour of Kudjip-Banz.
The authority settled on Kudjip-Banz to become the provincial headquarter.
However, after the election, the Jiwaka Transitional Authority Act was breached and not honoured.
The headquarters was not established at the proposed location of Kudjip-Banz but at a different location, which is not in the best interest of the people.
The new location at Kurumul is said to be a one-man decision and illegal.
There was never any consultation with the people to seek their views regarding the headquarters.
Our concern now is, why did Jiwaka Governor Dr William Tongamp breach the Parliament Act which gave powers to the Jiwaka Transitional Authority that reached a resolution for Kudjip-Banz to be the headquarters for Jiwaka?
We, the members of the authority are concerned with the breach of the Jiwaka Transitional Authority Act.
On that token, we would like to thank our Prime Minister James Marape and his government for committing K220 million to the new province.
Good prime minister, you are fully aware of this issue because that time you were part of the bill that was put forward for Jiwaka and Hela to become separate provinces.
With due respect, government assets (including the provincial headquarters) for Jiwaka has to be established between Kudjip and Banz, as per the authority’s meeting resolution. We, the members of the authority, want an explanation.
Why was the agenda of provincial headquarters breached?
Our three MPs and the governor are aware that the headquarters should be built between …
Kudjip and Banz where the bulk of the population live and is a central location. Prime Minister, this headquarters decision is a slap on the face to the Jiwaka Transitional Authority members and the Act itself.
Parliament has recognised the authority and without it and Jiwaka separate province working committee, the new province would not have been a reality.

Billy Kolip Moli, Thomas Galye,
William Wii and Talu Aipe
For the JTA members