Jiwaka locals: We want an O’Neill-led govt

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The National, Friday 16th December 2011

COMMUNITY leaders, youths and children from the remote Jimi district, in Jiwaka, flocked to Mt Hagen, Western Highlands, yesterday to protest against the tussle over the prime ministership.
The Jimi people decided to protest in favour of Ialibu-Pangia MP Peter O’Neill.
They called for the row to end and for O’Neill to continue as prime minister.
They said remote districts had been anticipating developmental changes when the O’Neill-led government took over.
They said their needs for basic government services in terms of better roads, health care, and education were being adequately addressed by the O’Neill government.
Middle Jimi councillor Kapal Mondu said O’Neill had touched the lives of the people in remote areas and had shown citizens that corruption was prevalent and had to be done away with.
He said they believed in that government and wanted to benefit from the free education policy, reduction of prices of certain goods, and lower tax rates.
Community leaders Joseph Nolomb and Mek Unak and councillor Peter Kum said while they respected the law and the court’s decision, they wanted O’Neill to remain as prime minister.
They said O’Neill had the numbers and in a democratic nation where the majority always ruled, Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare should step aside.