Jiwaka meet helps mould 80 pastors

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The National, Thursday July 18th, 2013

 MORE than 80 pastors from the Wesleyan Church of Papua New Guinea attended a week-long national board of administration conference at Avi in Jiwaka.

The conference started on Monday at the Wesleyan Bible College in Avi and ended last Saturday, with pastors from throughout the country attending.

The church’s Jesus Film Ministry director Rev John Croft from the United States of America, Area Pacific director Dr John Connor from  the US, Wesleyan Bible College principal Curtis Williams and Wesleyan Church PNG national superintendent Roy Mung attended.

The conference covered areas on leadership, finance, planning, mission and youth.

“That was the best gathering we had because it helped to shape us as we covered many areas,” Mung said.

“I believe if we have more gatherings such as this, then  we can get further counselling and improve some areas in our lives which we have failed.”