Jiwaka needs a matured governor


JIWAKA needs a matured and determined governor who can think outside the box and can be more vocal and smart to drive the newly-created province forward with developments.
It is now about a decade after Jiwaka became a province of its own along with Hela.
But there is nothing to show for through the Government’s yearly budget funding.
Money allocated was meant to be used for landmark projects to change the face and image of the new province.
But that hasn’t happened because Governor Dr William Tongap doesn’t have development plans.
He is confused on what to do.
Dr Tongamp doesn’t have leadership qualities at the national and provincial level.
As a result of the incompetent and immature leader who is not as vocal and smart in politics, Jiwaka remains stagnant and has nothing to show for with its yearly budget allocation.
The 10 years budget allocation for the province is a lot of funds, but there is nothing significant delivered to the new province.
Can the appropriate government agency look into the financial records of Jiwaka?

Immature Leader,
Sekim Em