Jiwaka needs productive workforce, says Tongamp

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The National, Friday 14th September 2012

PUBLIC servants in Jiwaka have been told to perform as they will be sacked if they are found to be lazy and unproductive.
Jiwaka Governor Dr William Tongamp made this clear to the people in Banz on Wednesday.
“You public servants need to perform your duties and serve the people because it is you who will help deliver and develop the province,” Tongamp said
“I do not want to see lazy people occupying positions which are very important and productive in the public service machinery.” He said people were not seeing tangible development in the delivery of basic government service was because public servants were not performing their duties.
“Jiwaka is a new province and I’m serious about developing this place.”
“You need to pull your socks up and do your job and always remember that you have a task to do and that is to perform your duties,” he said.
Tongamp said public servants must turn up to work at 8am and finish at 5pm.
He said he did not want government vehicles to be misused or hear about public servants doing nothing during working hours.
“I will take this as an offence when you are seen misusing state properties and getting paid for doing nothing,” Tongamp said.
He said if it meant that public servants were to work on Saturdays then they had to do it.
Tongamp said Jiwaka would need 200 police personnel to manage law and order issues in the province.
 “What I’m saying here is for the good of the province and it will bring in change.”
“If you think that you cannot perform, then it will better for you to pack up and leave or go elsewhere and look for a job.”
He said there must be discipline and hardworking people in the workforce so Jiwaka could face economic, social and infrastructure development.