Jiwaka needs roads, bridges

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The National, Thursday October 24th, 2013

 BETTER roads and bridges are among services needed in Jiwaka, the managing director of PNG Social Welfare and Community Development Frank Goi says. 

Goi, who is an honorary member of Rotary Greenhills in Australia, said this after Rotary International World Community Services donated supplies to a school and medical centre in the province.

He said road conditions from Waghi Bridge to Nondugl were  deteriorating and more than 1,000 people from Nondugl helped rescue the supply truck that was stranded there.

“But that that did not stop the locals as they used manpower to rescue the truck.”

He said it took the villagers two days to pull the truck from Waghi Bridge to Nondugl. 

“The people living in rural areas need basic services. And when help comes from International communities, they receive it with open hearts.”

Goi called on all Jiwaka MPs to seriously look into deteriorating bridges and roads in the rural areas of Jiwaka. 

He said when road conditions and bridges were good, other basic services would follow smoothly.

Goi, thanked Mapai Transport Company managing director Jacob Luke for his support.

He said the company transported the container free of charge to Nondgul from Mt Hagen.

“This transport company has supported Rotarians and Jiwaka people to deliver containers for the last four years,” Goi said.