Jiwaka opens new court registry

The National,Wednesday June 22nd, 2016

Jiwaka has a sub-registry office for the national court after an opening ceremony was held in Minz last Friday.
Chief Justice Sir Salamo Injia said he would work to fix court houses in the country so that judges, magistrates, lawyers, police and correctional officers could work in a court house.
“When we make decisions in the court house, the decisions will have integrity,” Sir Salamo said.
He said partnership and collaboration among  members of the law and justice sector agencies saw the establishment of a court house in Jiwaka.
“We, the members of the law and justice sector agencies, have gathered in a meeting to begin this work. Correctional Service commissioner, police commissioner, chief justice, chief magistrate, public solicitor, public magistrate, village court secretary – you name it – we each have our independent roles to play in bringing service to the people”, he said.
Sir Salamo said the new national court sub registry would accommodate the district court, national court and the district court registry, as well as the national court sub registry of the province.