Jiwaka peace mediator attacked

Highlands, Normal

The National, Wednesday 28th December 2011

PEACE and order committee member from the Denga Jeka tribe in Nondugl, Jiwaka, James Topo’s hand was chopped off by a group of men from the Damba tribe last week.
Jiwaka acting provincial police commander Billy Kombel said Topo was to mediate a peace ceremony in the area between the Damba and the Koleka over an incident that occurred nine years ago.
A vehicle belonging to the Koleka tribe spilled water over a tribesman from the Damba tribe and a tribal war had erupted but a truce was called.
Fortunately, there were no casualties.
Kombel said when Topo asked the Damba tribesman why they were arriving so late for the peace ceremony, they chopped his hand off.
He said the Koleka tribe had paid K800 as compensation some years ago  over the incident but, recently, the Damba tribesman had kidnapped a young boy
from Koleka and demanded K10,000.
Kombel said police intervened and the boy was released but the situation remained tense.
“I am taking my policemen to monitor the conflict until peace is restored,” he said.
He urged the people in Nondugl sub-district to cooperate with police to restore peace and normalcy.