Jiwaka police down on logistics, men

Highlands, Normal

Then National, Wednesday 12th September, 2012

POLICE in Jiwaka say they are down on logistics and manpower but are using their limited resources to combat crime.
Provincial police commander Supt Simon Nigi said capacity building was needed as 71 police officers were currently using five vehicles to serve the province.
“We are down on logistics and manpower but we are doing everything within our means to ensure law and order problems are contained,” he said in response to recent complaints from the public that police were not attending to crimes and the law and order situation in the province was worsening.
Community leader Damien Faith, a local businessman, said it was a concern that there was no police presence in Jiwaka and police were not reacting fast to situations.
“Every time we place a complaint at the police station, police say there is no vehicle (to respond),” Smith said.
He said alcohol sales were continuing after 10pm although it had been banned. And police needed to do a clean sweep of the province.
He said the province had to get off on the right footing and authorities needed to address law and order problems.
Nigi said police were doing the best they could with the resources they had available.
“We are trying our best to combat crime and people must not expect too much from us.
“They must appreciate the fact that we are doing our part,” he said.
He said Banz, Kudjip and Nondugul police had the use of a vehicle each, while Minj police had two. One more was at the workshop.
He said the number of police would soon be boosted with the posting of 16 recruits.
Smith called on Governor William Tongamp, local MPs and the Jiwaka administration to assess and address the law and order situation in the province before implementing other plans and policies.