Jiwaka police station chiefs put on notice

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The National, Tuesday 12th February, 2013

THREE police station commanders in Jiwaka have been urged to improve their performances and show good leadership.
Provincial police commander Supt Simon Nigi last Friday demanded “nothing less than good leadership, command and control” from the commanders of Banz, Minj and Nondugl police stations.
“High rate of work performance from your members including their overall conduct and behaviour, both on and off duty will reflect discipline and work output,” he said.
Nigi said the station commanders would be held responsible for their officers’ performances and behaviour on and off duty.
He urged them to manage well manpower and resources like firearms, ammunitions and vehicles under their command.
Nigi said he wanted to see monthly reports from his station commanders, how they used the resources and utilised the manpower.
He urged his senior officers to hold general parades every month to address any work and discipline issues faced by their members.
Nigi appealed to the station commanders to ensure that their barracks including police station stations are kept clean at all times.