Jiwaka students at DWU pay tribute

Letters, Normal

The Jiwaka Student Association of Divine Word University would like to thank our final year students for successfully completing their formal education.
The seniors include Walis Imbal, Frank Goi, Kapak Dire, Jeff Parik, Londron Keru, Freda Semgar, Joyce Tai, Maryanne Wom, Robroy Chicki and Richard Alu.
We commend you for being a true Jiwakan patriot by taking part in many activities organised by the Jiwaka Student Association as well as those organised by the university.
We will miss you in DWU.
You have shown great leadership and strength and we hope to continue that tradition.
Words cannot express our heartfelt gratitude, appreciation and thanks for all the support, guidance and time you have provided.
You have made a big impact in our lives and we are blessed to have you as mentors to have helped us through this year.
We wish you all the best and God bless you all.


Daniel Kugam
DWU Jiwaka Student Association president