Jiwaka to have its own census

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THE 2010 population census for Western Highlands province will also mark the first time the soon-to-be Jiwaka province will carry out its entity separately.
Even though Jiwaka is still part of the province, it will only be given recognition as a separate province in 2012, the census activities set for July will be carried out separately.
Highlands regional coordinator from the national census office in Port Moresby Kila Geberi said this at the official launching of the 2010 population census for the province last Friday.
He told the census steering committee and those involved that the right demography, population and other vital information obtained during the census were vital in achieving Vision 2050 and other development goals.
Provincial administrator Malcolm Culligan asked those who would be carrying out the census to do it to their very best.
“The census is vital for nation-building and will be used to provide services to the bulk of the population,” he said.
Mr Culligan said he wanted accurate data to be presented at the end of the census from the urban areas to the most remote areas of the province.
“As 100% committed citizens, do it this once for your country. There should be no excuses saying we could not get there, you must do it,” he said.
It was also revealed at the launching that the province ranks as one of the top five densely populated provinces.
The total population was 440,000 as recorded in the last census carried out in the 2000 and is expected to increase to about 600,000 or 700,000 this year.
The census officers would be visiting districts any time to begin the head count.