Jiwaka tribe says no to payback

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THE man whose shooting sparked the raiding of the Banz Police Station in Jiwaka has died from the injuries he had sustained.
The deceased’s family have, however, agreed to allow police to investigate the shooting and bring those responsible to justice and will not retaliate.
Assistant commissioner of Police-Eastern End Anton Billie told The National that the man died yesterday morning after he was admitted to hospital last week.
ACP Billie said he had gone to Banz to meet with the relatives of the man.
“On Wednesday morning, the man’s family met with police to talk about the incident,” he said.
“Firstly, they apologised for the destruction (to the police station) and told police that there would not be any retaliation after news broke of the death of the man.”
ACP Billie told the relatives that police would be investigating both the destruction of the station and the death and asked them to identify those involved in attacking the station.
He said the police had given the tribe a week to work with them to have several stolen items, including firearm returned.
He added that police morale in Banz was low as families of officers had been traumatised by the incident.
He said the situation was still tense in the township.
Last Friday the deceased was shot after attacking a police officer with a bush knife and was taken to hospital.
In retaliation, his tribesmen attacked the Banz Police Station, destroying the station, assaulting a policewoman and stealing a pistol and ammunition as well as threatening the families of police officers at the barracks.
Police investigations continue.