Jiwaka welcomes 15 new officers to boost manpower

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The National, Wednesday 19th September 2012

POLICE in Jiwaka have welcomed 15 new officers deployed there to boost manpower.
The recently graduated officers were formally welcomed by provincial police commander Simon Nigi yesterday morning during a parade at the Banz police station.
The new policemen boosted the number of regular officers in the province to 86.
Nigi told his officers during a parade their major task now was to clean up the province and get rid of homebrew, marijuana and stop people from carrying offensive weapons into town and in public places.
“This is to create an environment for the provincial government to deliver goods and services to the people,” he said.
He said when there was order in the province, other government services could easily reach the people.
Nigi said starting today, police would carry out public awareness in Minj, Banz, Kudjip and other market places located near the road about their planned operation to get rid of illegal substances.
He said police would arrest anyone carrying offensive weapons in public places.
“Bush knives and axes are not for decorating their bodies in public places, they are tools for making gardens and building houses,” he said.
He said police would be working closely with the people and any one found growing marijuana, producing homebrew or carrying offensive weapons in public places would be arrested.
“I want to see Jiwaka move forward in terms of development. Law and order must not be seen as a setback for the new province,” he said.
Nigi appealed to people to report to police if they saw anyone in their community engaging in illegal activities or carrying offensive weapons around.
He said police needed information and the help of the general public to maintain order and arrest law breakers.
He said it was the responsibility of all people to help maintain order.