Jiwakans must stand united for our prosperity

Letters, Normal

The National, Wednesday 25th July, 2012

WHILE the counting in Jiwaka is in progress, everyone is an­ticipa­ting to know who will be their representatives  in parliament.
Politicians made fancy promi­ses but delivered nothing.
I am still waiting to see my dreams come true.
Or do I have to wait for ano­ther five years?
I have the right to better roads, proper clinics and hospitals, electricity and water supply, better-equipped schools, government services, etc.
For instance, North Waghi is a very small electorate and over the years, successive MPs have put money in places that generate nothing in return.
Jiwaka is finally a province and I am proud that we can build this province not from coffee, tea or logging, but from our human resources.
In Jiwaka alone, we have many with PhDs and medical doctors, top academics and skilled tradesmen and women, not forgetting some of the best teachers in the highlands.
I believe Jiwakan teachers have contributed immensely one way or another to the development of human resources in Western Highlands, our former province.
We have the potential to produce great people with great minds who can bring this province to prosperity.
I have only four requests; education must be a top priority, Kudjip hospital, clinics and health centres must be well-funded and equipped, all roads sealed and that electricity reaches at least 90% or all of Jiwaka.
We do not need diseases such as jealousy and petty politics, which will make this new province sick.
A great man once said: “You can break a stick with a snap, but you cannot break a bundle of sticks.”
All losing candidates must work together with elected MPs to see this province progress.
Conflicts and violence would only stain our good name.
May the great minds with the right dreams for the people win.

Greg Ngalye