John believes music is a gift from God


I T stands to reason that Jarryd John would become a musician one day as he was born and raised in a family which adores music. His parents are both musicians.
“I played music at home when I was a child. My brothers and I, and our uncle Hobert Rueben challenged ourselves to become great musicians.”
John, 28, whose parents are of Gulf, Central and Madang extraction is the eldest of six siblings.
It was his childhood dream to be a great musician one day. He was only 10 when he played the guitar. At 14, he started playing in the Reformation Ministry Church’s network as a bass guitarist.
John completed Grade 12 at the Good Shepherd Lutheran Secondary School. He moved to Port Moresby in 2012 to take up computing at the International Training Institution where he was awarded a Certificate in Computing.
While in the big city, John continued to attend church and played music at the Living Light Foursquare church in Kaugere.
In 2015, he was among 13 young people who went to Australia to attend the Hillsong conference.
“We stayed for one and a half weeks in Australia – one week in Sydney and few days in Cairns where we ministered through songs.”
Apart from that, John has been to several provinces in the country where he played his favorite bass guitar during outreaches, conferences and meetings.
“I leant many things while playing music. Music is a good thing. Through music I had the chance to travel places and also meet many great musicians.”
John believes that music is a gift from God and he wants to use this gift to serve God only and not for any other purpose.
“Many musicians nowadays are using their gifts for outside benefits because of money, fame, and women or for bread and butter. From my view, music comes from God and we have to use it to serve Him only.
“I believe that playing music for God brings blessings. As for me, I see the hand of God in my life as I continue to serve Him through music.
“That is why I believe that when you give back to God what he deserves you will be blessed.”
One of John’s greatest goals is to play on a big stage with other great musicians and tour the world to save lost souls through music.
“I hope that at least one person will be saved in the kingdom of God through my music.”