Joshua dedicates success to wife Claire

Konangu at the graduation last Friday. – Nationalpics by BRADLEY MARIORI

JOSHUA Konangu graduated with a degree in civil engineering on March 21 – and dedicated his achievement to his wife Claire who has been behind him all the way.
“When you are single and attending school, it’s okay. But when you are married and attending school, it’s a totally different life with its own challenges.
“To be successful in life, choose a good partner because she will determine the successes and failures in your life.
“Don’t choose wives because of beauty and appearance. Pick someone with a good heart, who will back you when you are down and stand with you.
“If we pick the wrong partner, she can be a hindrance in your life. Women play a big part in a man’s success.”
Joshua, of Haniak village in Kubalia, East Sepik, was among the 22 who graduated at the Telue Engineering Institute in Lae. He is the Department of Works northern region principal engineer.
He is married to Claire. They have a son Bradley and daughter Schallotte.
Konangu completed grades One to Six at the Warasaua Primary School from 1991 to 1996.
He then did grades Seven to 10 at the Brandi High School from 1997 to 2000.
He dropped out of school after Grade 10. He for a while transgressed to unproductive activities with other people his age but quickly realised the folly and stepped back onto the right path. It helped him realise the difference between wrong and right and quickly redeemed himself.
In 2002, he upgraded his marks at the Department of Distance Learning at the University of Technology. In 2004, he was accepted at Polytech to study civil engineering. He graduated with a diploma.
In 2006, he was accepted to work with the Department of Works in Wewak as a technical officer.
He was still in the third year at Telue Engineering Institute when the department underwent a restructure. It created the position of Northern region principal engineer.

“ If we pick the wrong partner, she can be a hindrance in your life. Women played a big part in a man’s success.”

He applied and was successful.
During his stint at Polytech, he did not get a good grasp of the basics required and in-depth knowledge of the profession.
It was different at Telue. It was easier to understand the fundamentals of engineering. It broadened his way of thinking and enhanced his understanding and skill to analyse things and make proper decisions.
“In terms of design, understanding the aspects of design, it really helps a lot. I see that the content of the lessons is really advanced. The knowledge we get there will bring us to a whole new level.
“Going back to work now, nothing will be hard for me. With the experience I already have in the field and with this degree, it just gives me more confidence to work and do better.”
His advice to others is “when you have dreams, you must work hard to achieve them. Everyone has the potential but when you don’t see things in practical terms, you will not see the reality of the dreams you have.
“Work hard with your heart to achieve your dreams. In that way, you can see success and can be role models to others still coming up.”
Above all, choose a good soul mate and partner.
“You can be educated but when it comes to marriage life, be wise and choose carefully. Your choice will determine your future.”


  • Mene well done and congratulations on your achievement.

    Nuo mawo siknang re saia funuo yo. Jumbank Jumbank wolihekni aio.

    Fiaso nuo yo.

  • Congratulations my brother. Am always proud of you. Very good advise from the Experience gained. You have come far and you have prove the system wrong that everyone’s got POTENTIAL to be successful when they put their mind to achieving it. Congratulations again and God bless always. ✊❤

  • Congratulations, Joshua. If you’re Gregory Konangu, then here’s the double Congratulations to you and family. God bless you all in your successes. Thank you for your advice to the up coming young people to emulate your footsteps.

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