Joshua leading his people to greener pastures


AT 38 and with two degrees under his belt, Joshua Himina is achieving his dream of serving his people of Maprik and East Sepik.
He is the second eldest in a family five boys and a girl. Dad retired in 2013 as a health inspector.
He is a layman of the Assemblies of God church. His late mother, a nurse, passed away in 2001 when Joshua was in his first year at the University of PNG.
He graduated with a Bachelor in Music degree in 2005 and Social Work with a minor in Strategic Management in 2006. In 2015, he graduated with a Masters in Management Studies at the University of Natural Science and Environment.
His public service career began at the Department of National Planning and Monitoring in 2007.

“ I took up this as a challenge and it was also in support of my passion to serve my people.”

But after serving there for 10 years, Joshua decided that he needed bigger challenges for his personal development.
He consulted his lecturer Professor David Kavanamur who reminded me of the “Sigmoid production curve which alludes to stagnancy after reaching the peak of performance in one location”.
“That was exactly what I felt then.”
Maprik MP John Simon had also suggested to him the idea of taking up the post of district administrator and chief executive officer.
“So I took up this as a challenge. It was also in support of my dream to serve my people.”
He took up the post in March 2018 – the very thing he had been looking for – to return home and serve his people.
He also wanted to get back on track with church activities including its music ministry. Personally, he wanted to be close to his widowed father.
Four weeks ago, he was also asked to take the post of acting deputy provincial administrator. Although Joshua saw it as a big challenge which required a lot of sacrifice on his part, he knew it was for the benefit of his people.
“Long hours of driving to and from Maprik to Wewak. But the posts are giving me a real exciting challenge.”
He looks forward to working with provincial administrator Dr Clement Malau and his team in the next six months.
MP Simon thanks Joshua for agreeing to hold the fort for more than a year, including the period he was suspended as an MP for a leadership tribunal referral.
“I am very grateful that I have such a young leader running and managing the district affairs during that period. Under his supervision, Maprik continues to progress with all the policies and directives I have put in place.”
Joshua is behind village and family projects which he plans to concentrate on when he retires. He believes that the road to success is hard and requires industry, commitment and discipline.
“I have very little, or no time at all, for socializing, except to play soccer and attend Christian Fellowship on Saturdays.”
Even with his heavy workload, Joshua finds time to play music in the church.
Joshua is still single and spends most of his free time playing music as he had grown up in a Christian family.
“I thank God for He has been good to my family.”

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