Journos exposed to various risks, says Hankinson

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JOURNALISTS are exposed to various risks in their work daily and it is important to identify the potential dangers and take precautions.
Brisbane-based Raft Risk Solutions managing director, Bruce Hankinson, said journalists were exposed to work hazards when covering breaking news on law and order, civil unrest including natural disasters and disease outbreaks.
Mr Hankinson spoke at a workshop for media personnel organised by the Media Council of PNG in Lamana on Wednesday.
Raft Risk Solutions is a strategic risk and emergency management company specialising in developing solutions to protect the health, safety and security of an organisation’s staff, assets, reputation and the community they worked in.
“When covering civil unrest, natural disasters or outbreaks of diseases such as cholera, reporters must ensure  their personal safety by using a step by step process in identifying, analysing, evaluating and managing the risks.
“Journalists and photographers are often faced with tough decisions when on the job and sometimes put their lives in danger because they do not understand the risks involved when covering such news breaks or issues,” he said.
The workshop taught journalists how to avoid risks and ways to protect themselves when covering tribal fights, unrest, and natural disasters like flood, earthquake, cyclone, tsunami, and bushfire and volcano eruption.