Journos told about climate change impacts

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PNG has experienced a number of adverse climatic hazards with the most serious being the dry spells, seasonal droughts, intense rainfall, flash floods and recently, upsurges in sea levels around the coastal areas of the country. John Mosoro, executive manager for climate impacts and adaptation division of the Office of Climate Change and Environment Sustainability highlighted last week the impacts, especially with floods, massive landslips and upsurges in sea level, had  increased in frequency, intensity and magnitude in recent times Mr Mosoro, told climate change stakeholders, and journalists of various media organisation that climate impacts have also adversely affected food and water security, energy, infrastructure and sustainable livelihoods of most rural communities in the country.
One of the obviously and widely known catastrophic effects of climate change he pointed out was the sinking Carteret Islands in the Autonomous Region of Bougainville.
He said many villagers had been relocated to the mainland of Bougainville while few had refused to leave their homes.
It was seen that rising sea levels had breached the seawall and flooded low lying atolls in the Carteret Islands.
Mr Mosoro also highlighted the current vulnerability areas in the four regions; the Highlands, Momase, New Guinea Islands and the Southern regions.
The environment expert warned that climate change was real and given the vulnerability, concerted effort was needed to address the adverse impact of climate change.