Joyous night in Gerehu

Faith, Normal

GEREHU stage-six fell silent last Wednesday night as residents living nearby and parishioners of the St. Paul’s Catholic church joined in the carols by the candlelight to celebrate Christmas.
The Christmas carols programme was led by children who volunteered to sing along with the church’s music ministry.
There was joy in the air as all the parishioners got together with their candles and sang along with choir. Several presentations were performed by individuals, families and duets as part of the night’s programme.
Parish priest Fr Charlie Kape, who also took part, reminded the parishioners of how special the night leading up to Christmas – birth day of Christ – was.
Fr Kape said in his sermon during the Christmas Eve mass that everyone should open the doors to their hearts for Jesus to enter just as when Joseph and Mary were knocking on doors in Bethlehem when it was time for his birth more than 2,000 years ago.