JTA: Jiwaka HQ planned for Banz

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The National, Thursday 29th December 2011

THE provincial headquarters of the new Jiwaka province will be in Banz, a member of the Jiwaka Transitional Authority says.
The department of provincial and local government affairs selected Banz in a meeting on July 7, 2010. Members of the JTA endorsed that decision.
JTA member Thomas Galye, who represents the people of Jimi, said there was still confusion on where the headquarters would be.
Galye said the three MPs from Jiwaka – Health Minister and Member for Anglimp-South Waghi Jamie Maxtone-Graham, State Minister Assisting the Prime Minister on Constitutional Matters and Member for Jimi Wake Goi and member for North Waghi and authority chairman Benjamin Mul should work together to develop the new province.
Galye said Jiwaka needed MPs to put funds and resources into JTA.
He said the MPs must work with authority members to sort out the confusion on where headquarters would be.