Judge annoyed with missing court files

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The National – Wednesday, February 16, 2011

THE unavailability of court files before the bench is always a problem faced in courtrooms and this problem needs to be resolve, Deputy Chief Justice Gibbs Salika has said.
Salika, while presiding on several cases on Monday, had to adjourn a particular matter because files regarding the matter were not available for him to proceed.
“Files not available in court is a constant problem and I do not know how we will solve it.”
He also had to adjourn another matter because lawyers of one of the parties in the proceedings did not turn up despite being issued the notice of the proceedings.
“If the registry had issued notice of appearance to lawyers of both parties, then I do not know why only one party has to turn up and not the other,” Salika said.
The judge felt it was not proper or fair to listen to only one party and adjourned the matter, advising the party that was present to advise the lawyers of the other party to be present in the next proceedings.