Judge calls for review

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The National , Monday, May 30, 2011

PARLIAMENT has so far done nothing to amend the penalties imposed on misappropriation charges, a National Court judge said last Thursday.
Head of Waigani criminal court Justice Panuel Mogish, while sentencing a person on misappropriation charges, said this crime was prevalent and harsher penalties should be imposed.
He said penalties imposed on offenders by the National Court were enacted 20 years ago and parliament had done nothing to look into it and amend them.
Mogish said this while sentencing Gola Godua, of Central, to 18 months in jail.
Godua pleaded guilty to misappropriating K40,900 belonging to Laga Industries, a company he had been employed with.
Mogish made an earlier order for Godua to repay the money within 18 months while on good behaviour bond but Godua failed to do so.
Police laid a second charge on Godua that Mogish found was inter-related to the first offence of misappropriation.
Mogish said the second charge imposed by police was “totally unnecessary” as it should have been put with the first charge.
Mogish ordered Godua to serve 18 months and deducted the time Godua had served in prison.