Judge looks at violations against prisoners

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The National, Monday 17th June 2013


COMPLAINTS about human rights violations on prisoners at the Beon prison in Madang are being looked into by the National Court.

Judge David Cannings, instrumental in formulating the Human Rights Rules book, is looking into cases of prisoners seeking transfers, needing professional medical help and seeking proper calculations of time being served.

Last Thursday, four prisoners with outstanding cases against the State regarding police brutality, unlawful detention and confiscation of personal property without cause, were allocated trial dates.

Ruben Micah’s complaint about the alleged confiscation of his property worth thousands of kina is to be heard on Aug 5. Also on that date, Jacob Okimbari will have his police brutality complaint heard. Micah’s unlawful detention at Buimo is set for Aug 15.

Bobby Selan is seeking an interpretation of Section 121 of the Correctional Service Act. The trial is set for Aug 15.

The three prisoners were allegedly involved  in the infamous Bank South Pacific robbery with William Kapris, who is still at large after escaping from Bomana.

Female prisoner Ong Yong was granted a K500 bail after a favourable pre-sentence report was presented in court. She was told to stay at Yabob village with her guardian.