Judge praises police in K6m case

The National, Thursday July 21st, 2016

A National court judge has commended the work of police officers involved the apprehending suspects involved in the G4S robbery of K6 million in 2013.
Justice Panuel Mogish made the remarks at the Waigani National Court yesterday when hearing submissions against Thomas Karo, who is charged with receiving K323,660.
Justice Mogish said the police officers should be commended for their investigation work that led to the apprehension of suspects within 22 days of the robbery and recovery of some money.
Karo, 40, of Dorom village, Baroma in Central, pleaded guilty to receiving K323,660 which was stolen  in an armed robbery of a G4S vehicle transporting K6 million belonging to Maybank Limited on Oct 1, 2013, in Port Moresby.
Karo was a first-time offender and expressed remorse in court.
The State prosecutor told the court that there were no admissions made in the record of interview but there was evidence that police confiscated the money.
The State prosecutor said there were statements by six police officers confirming that they had confiscated the money which was in the custody of the Bank of Papua New Guinea (BPNG).
Justice Mogish recalled an order he issued on Tuesday directing the Governor of BPNG to produce an affidavit detailing the whereabouts of the money.
In an affidavit by Jason Tirine from BPNG, it informed the court that the money was held by the bank.
Justice Mogish ordered Karo and co-accused Ricki Antio to return to court on Aug 05 for sentencing.