Judge to rule on MP’s contempt case

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The National, Monday November 11th, 2013


THE National Court in Madang will hand down its ruling next month on the contempt charge against Usino-Bundi MP Anton Yagama and 15 of his supporters.

His lawyer, Tyson Boboro made his final submission last Friday before Judge David Cannings. Alex Kalandi is representing court registrar Ian Augerea.

Cannings had ordered on July 29 that Yagama and Peter Yama control their supporters not to incite troubles while the Usino Bundi election petition case was still in court.

The order was alleged to have been breached when Yagama’s supporters attacked two of Yama’s vehicles on Sept 3.

Boboro said evidence from three of Yagama’s witnesses proved that Yama had provoked the situation outside the court house and incited Yagama’s supporters to stone Yama’s escort vehicles.

He said Yagama was inside the court house and did not know what his supporters were doing outside.

Kalandi said Yagama’s supporters painted faces and some words uttered had made Yama to stop and question them if they wanted to fight.

He said the July 29 order was for both leaders to contain their supporters and Yagama failed to do so.

Yagama was accused of failing to control his supporters for threatening and inciting physical violence on Yama, his lawyer and supporters, failing to control his supporters as a result disturbing peace for public citizens and the court house vicinity and ignoring the restraining order issued at the Waigani national court on July 29 against violence while court was ongoing.

Yama was accused of interfering and harassing police officers manning the court house vicinity, threatening members of the police force and also ignoring the restraining order.