Judge: Who is the state lawyer?

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The National, Thursday 5th January 2012

THE question of who is rightfully “representing the state” came up in the National Court yesterday in the case by Gabriel Yer who is challenging his recent sacking as finance secretary by the O’Neill government.
Lawyers representing Yer as plaintiff and lawyers representing the O’Neill government as defendant each filed documents with the court registry claiming that they were representing their client and the state.
Davis Stevens of Stevens Lawyers said he was representing the Somare government and attorney-general Sir Arnold Amet.
Loani Henao, principal of Henao Lawyers, said he was representing the O’Neill government and Attorney-General Dr Allan Marat.
Justice Derek Hartshorn adjourned the case to next Monday when Stevens and Henao were expected to make submissions on their legal justifications on why either is representing the state in the proceeding.
He said it was “very important” that the question of who the state lawyer is settled before the substantive proceeding.