Judges orders inmate’s return to Boram from Beon

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The National, Thursday October 24th, 2013

 A WOMAN inmate at Beon jail, Madang, who was transferred from Boram, in Wewak, with her four-year-old daughter, will be taken back there.

National Court judge Justice David Cannings granted her application to return to Wewak in the interest of her child who was psychologically and emotionally affected by her mother’s detention.

A lawyer representing her said the woman needed to be close to her relatives who would provide the care and basic needs for her daughter. She is serving 13 years and five months in jail for an offence that was not mentioned in court.

She told a packed courtroom yesterday five months ago a prison officer in Boram approached her and handed her a plane ticket for her transfer to Beon. 

She said the officer threatened her an additional five years would be added to her sentence if she refused to go.  She then accepted the plane ticket.

Prison authorities had no objection to her returning to Boram because it was in the interest of her young daughter.

Cannings ordered that the Correctional Service commissioner must effect the transfer by December 4.