Judiciary changes opposed

Letters, Normal

I REFER to the letter about the Judiciary without vehicles (The National, Jan 25).
This is one in long line of issues that are having an adverse effect on the Judiciary.
Since the constitutional head of the organisation took up office he has ventured into every aspect of the administration, besides the Judiciary.
It is now public knowledge that the Secretary of NJSS has had his financial and administration powers removed and has virtually been made a rubber stamp.
All communication channels have now been rerouted to the highest office and any development concerning the organisation, major or minor, must have his prior authorisation.
All NJSS officers are tight lipped about these new changes for fear of being called before the constitutional head of the organisation to explain his/her outburst.
Many are not happy with the changes and would welcome an intervention by the Minister for Justice.
The Judiciary is the last bastion of hope for all people and must be run in a democratic manner.


Concerned Staff,
Port Moresby