Judiciary must support Madang clean-up

Letters, Normal

The National, Wednesday July 3rd, 2013

I READ with interest the petition presented by lawyers and the judiciary in Madang to Governor Jim Kas, urging him to address the rise in criminal activities in Madang.

If I am not mistaken, did he not initiate moves to get rid of troublemakers only to be told by the judiciary and the people in the legal fraternity to shut up?

Did they not recently order Kas and his government to pay massive amounts in compensation to people from a previous eviction and clean-up exercise? 

So what do they want him to do now? Or is this another strategic move to shoot him down again?

We, the law-abiding citizens of Madang and our provincial government, are not complacent. 

Our feet and hands have effectively been tied up by lawyers and judges and we are  unable to fix our communities. 

Obviously, the fear of the judge’s wrath in courtrooms far outweighs the fear of criminal elements within our communities. 

We now look to you, the judges  and lawyers, to get up on your feet and out of your comfort zones.

Stop passing the buck so we can all work towards improving law and order. 


Dontam Asibo