Judiciary tainted by graft claims

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The National – Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Corruption in our country has reached unprecedented heights with politicians, senior public servants and prominent people disappearing from PNG and holed up in some secret overseas destinations waiting to conduct deals with corrupt forces.
This usually occurs on the eve of major political events such as vote of no-confidence and major court decisions affecting the Somare government. 
Recently the speaker of parliament left the country and took up residence in Cairns and received numerous high-level visits by people from both the government and opposition.
And now on the eve of a major court decision affecting Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare, we heard a senior member of the judiciary had left the country and was purported to be on an assignment.
The judiciary is our very last line of defence against rampant corruption and total anarchy in this country. 
However, signals suggest that corrupt forces at work in our society may have already infiltrated the court system. 
Indications are that our judges and magistrates are “bribable”. 


Anti – Corruption
Port Moresby