Judiciary urged to uphold fair justice

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The National – Tuesday, February 8, 2011

ADMINISTRATE justice with kindness and truth ensuring that the public perception in Papua New Guinea of there being two sets of laws: one for the powerful and another for the powerless, the poor and the under-privileged must be eradicated through the judiciary’s firm delivery of fair and just service.
This was the message from PNG Salvation Army chief to the supreme and national courts’ judges, district court magistrates  and lawyers within the legal fraternity yesterday to mark the legal year opening.
PNG Salvation Army’s territorial commander Commissioner Andrew Kalai was also assisted to pray for the judiciary by his church elders and colleagues Major Rex Johnson, Major David Temine, Capt Geua Kepi, Capt Kila Apa and Major Sere Kala.
Specific prayers were said for the chief justice, magistrates and the all the others workers, including the lawyers and all judicial staff, to continue to perform their tasks within the grace of Jesus Christ and the Christian faith “with love, commitment and dedication” and selflessness.
Yesterday’s church service was one of many that had been an on-going trend for the last couple of years.
It is an opportunity where the judges, magistrates and lawyers within the entire judiciary are prayed over for God’s blessing for the entire year; which is, in line with PNG being a Christian country.
Last year’s judicial year was celebrated with a church service at the Assemblies of God’s Corner Stone church in Gordon.
The previous year, it was celebrated at the Sioni Kami United church, also in Gordon.
Kalai praised the judiciary’s continuing to be “the pillar of democracy”.
“I pray and hope that it will be kept clean that it will be careful about allegations that the people of this land, will continue to feel proud of.”
The service began with the legal fraternity present being led into the Salvation Army’s Boroko church compound with the disciplined forces – the police and the warders – leading them with a parade.
This was followed with an address by the acting Chief Justice and Deputy Chief Justice Gibbs Salika; followed by the church service and ended with refreshments at noon.