Judiciary without vehicles

Letters, Normal

JUDICIARY is the only arm of the Government which is holding PNG together.
It has been referred by the Justice Minister as the best and the only glue that is holding the country together.
However, we have two different parts that runs the judiciary.
The administrative arm which manages the administration of judiciary, run by the secretary for National Judicial Staff Service (NJSS).
The other arm is the judiciary, managed by the Chief Justice, and he is responsible for managing justice only.
However, he has now ventured into the administrative arm.
He has now grounded all NJSS vehicles and everyone is also grounded.
There are also signs of nepotism in appointment of senior officers in NJSS.
Everybody with NJSS are tight-lipped about what is happening, and we are praying, hoping for the best which is yet to come.


Boroko, NCD