Juffa accepts challenge

Normal, Sports

PNGRFL interim committee member Gary Juffa yesterday acknowledged the decision by chairman of the PNGRFL interim committee John Numapo to seek the post of PNGRFL chairman.
With the league’s annual general meeting set for next Sunday, Nov 28, in Lae nominations for executive positions had so far not been forthcoming, that is, until this week when Numapo made his intentions known.
In welcoming the development, Juffa, who is also in the running for the same post, said it was absolutely imperative that all league affiliates, which were part of the PNGRFL, be given the chance to participate in the AGM.
  “I welcome John Numapo’s indication to stand for the position of chairman  of PNGRFL,” Juffa said on his return from overseas this week.
“However, I believe that affiliated leagues should be given the opportunity to vote during the election.
“Affiliated leagues have been promoting league in the rural areas out of their own pocket and initiatives and had the right to have a say to voice their opinion on how rugby league progressed in PNG, especially the rural areas.
“If there were issues surrounding their affiliation, they should be given time to fulfil the requirements so that they can be present at the AGM and have their say as they are important stakeholders and have given their time and other resources for the love of rugby league,” Juffa said.
The PNG Customs Commissioner also called on the government to get serious about developing rugby league by focusing on the country’s rural leagues.
“The government must now focus on developing league in the rural areas of PNG and as a vehicle to promoting a healthy lifestyle.
“This will mean the funding of a proper administration, investment in infrastructure and allocation of other necessary resources,” he added.
“It cannot be left only to the corporate sector and the efforts of individuals who love the game but must be an effort promoted by the national government if we are serious about being internationally competitive.”