Juffa: Ban companies breaching law

Garry Juffa

COMPANIES that habitually breach PNG laws should be banned from doing business in the country and persons who breach migration and labour laws should be blacklisted and deported immediately, Northern Governor Gary Juffa says.
After 30 foreigners were caught illegally working at a logging site in Northern last Wednesday, Juffa said such companies should immediately lose their forest industry participation certificate and banned.
He also warned the Forestry Department to ensure logging sites in the country were properly screened and licensed to operate.
Juffa thanked Immigration and Border Security Minister Westly Nukundj for sanctioning a joint operation to investigate foreigners working at logging sites.
“When we take no action against habitual offenders, they keep taking advantage of this weakness and keep exploiting the situation. This sends a signal out that PNG is a soft and weak country for whoever to come and do whatever,” Juffa said.
He said it was a battle against all odds until Nukundj sent his team who were doing a great job with more logging sites to visit.
“Forever we must aggressively and assertively protect PNG. We must love our people and country enough to fight for them always and with no hesitation.”
The 30 foreign workers are from the Philippines and Indonesia and without formal work permits and visas. The investigation team led by John Bria comprised of PNG Immigration and Citizenship Authority (PNGICA) officers and detectives from the Anti-Corruption Directorate.