Juffa gets tough on rogue officers

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The National – Monday, January 3, 2011


CORRUPTION and fraud will not be tolerated and the administration is set to come down hard on those who breached their code of ethics in the Customs department.

Customs commissioner Garry Juffa made this known in light of the recent arrest of a customs official who tried to procure bribe from an alcohol manufacturing company.

Juffa said, with the establishment of an internal investigation unit, customs staff caught breaching regulations would be dealt with accordingly.

While commending his men for their good work in keeping surveillance at airports and wharves in the country, Juffa added that honesty and transparency were vital to ensure the safety of the country and its citizens.

He said a minor group of officials were into the habit of accepting bribes from people who wanted to transport illegal items like drugs, firearms and other contrabands and he would not tolerate such activities.

Juffa said there had also been cases of companies and individuals offering bribes to staff at the wharves to retrieve goods that had been impounded by the authorities.

Juffa said these practices had tarnished the name of the rest of the hardworking officials and he intended to eradicate such activities.

“We have to secure the safety of the citizens of the country, and whatever is unacceptable or breached the customs regulations, need not be entertained,” he said.