Juffa happy with response

National, Normal

The National, Wednesday November 6th, 2013


GOVERNOR Gary Juffa is happy that  issues concerning the Kokoda Track are being addressed by the Department for Environment and Conservation, Australian Government and Kokoda Track Authority. 

He said he had met Environment Minister John Pundari, National Museum and Art Gallery director Dr Andrew Moutu, Kokoda Track Authority chairman James Enage and welcomed the efforts made to resolve the issues raised by landowners, local level government and provincial government. 

He said former provincial governments had failed to engage with the authority and the department, and consult locals to develop the Kokoda Track as a national tourist destination.

He said the Kokoda Station should have been developed as a tourist destination because it had vast potential.

Juffa said the provincial government would develop the track, Kokoda Station and historical World War II sites in the province. 

He said he was pleased with the prompt response from the Australian and PNG governments through the Kokoda Initiative and Kokoda Track Authority.

He said, if the landowners were happy, the track would be kept open as it was a vital source of income for youths and villagers living along the trail.