Juffa is PNGRFL leader in making

Letters, Normal

I have never come across a more honest person than PNGRFL interim member Gary Juffa.
He is the only public figure to date to admit to failure and took full responsibility in the dismal performance of the PNG Kumuls in the recent Four Nations tournament.
He has vowed not to throw the towel in.
That says a lot about his character.
Not even Sports Minister Philemon Embel, selections chairman Kera Ngaffin or the so-called administrators of PNGRFL did anything positive except to point fingers and trying to disassociate themselves.
Juffa was spot on when he said people want to enjoy the feast but not many want to sweat it out in the garden.
While rugby league is said to be the national sport of PNG, the fact is nothing is done to make it truly the No 1 sport.
There is chronic finance mismanagement while there is no junior development structure.
We have one of the world’s worse sports facilities, our rugby league players are among world’s lowest paid sports stars, fans are over passionate and do not know how to contain their emotions, leading to violent incidents and killings.
The only reason the game has not become extinct is because of the laborious commitment from the private sector.
And we expect a miracle to happen?
If someone was to take PNGRFL to the next level, Juffa is the right person to do it.
But he needs support from the government, the so-called experts, the corporate sponsors and Kumuls supporters.
Juffa is a brilliant leader and has a proven finance and people management track record.
He has the credibility, the passion and the energy to fix rugby league, although the results may not be immediate.
The PNGRFL will be holding its annual general meeting next month and I will not be surprise if Juffa gets the mandate to rebuild rugby league so one day we will be proud to celebrate the Kumuls’ success.


Souths Ame