Juffa launches ‘Take Back PNG’

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The National,Friday March 11th, 2016

 THE Take Back PNG is an awareness campaign initiated by Northern Governor Gary Juffa to restore and reclaim lost pride and opportunities by Papua New Guineans over the years.

“We have lost everything, even the economy, to outsiders and there is no pride to show that we are a people governing our own destiny,” he said. Speaking on FM 100 Talkback this week, Juffa said 20 years ago PNG was on track, doing everything right to compete against world standards. 

“All the good things happening in the country have deteriorated and as it is today, the country is literally run and controlled by outsiders and even the natural resources are depleting at a faster rate with all the proceeds going offshore,”he said.

“The attitude and mindset of the people have been diluted with corruption and greed that they cannot see right from wrong and that is very dangerous for a growing nation like PNG. 

“Government institutions empowered to safeguard the interest of the people are doing exactly the opposite while laws and guidelines are hardly enforced and like a private home, the door is always open for anyone and everyone to walk in and out at will, eating and stealing anything they can find.

“This is how PNG is being allowed by leaders and public servants to exploitation by dubious investors and so-called foreign business partners.

Juffa said to Take Back PNG, it had to start from each individual doing the very basics right.

“While a handful of patriotic Papua New Guineans are trying so hard to protect the interest of the people, most political, business and community leaders do not seem to care.”

Juffa said to “Take Back PNG”, it had to start from each individual doing the very basics right.