Juffa: Let me present report

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The National – Friday, December 3, 2010

PNGRFL interim committee member Gary Juffa says all he wants to do is be given a chance to table his report for the Four Nations and the Prime Minister’s XIII  at the Jan 30 AGM. 
The PNG Customs commissioner said during the week that he was somewhat discouraged by the on-going issues with the game but said he felt he owed to the  “rural leagues” to complete this chapter with a report.
“I just want to complete my report for the term I was in charge, especially the Four Nations and the Prime Minister’s XIII match,” Juffa said.
“I think I owe it to the leagues, especially the smaller ones in the rural areas because they are the ones that struggle every year to hold their competitions and they deserve much more.”
He added that he wanted to keep his reputation as a good manager intact and so had taken time off  his busy schedule to prepare his report which he hoped to present in front of all PNGRFL affiliates and stakeholders next month.
Juffa said the continuing controversy surrounding the  PNGRFL AGM was yet another example of why he felt rugby league needed strong and stable leadership and added that he would still be willing to contest the chairmanship.
Speaking of the deferral, Juffa said it was in everyone’s interest that the affilaites around the country be given more time to prepare despite a court order which stipulated last month as being the time to hold the meeting.
“We need to make sure that every league is represented at the AGM, to be fair to everyone.
“Some of the leagues in the highlands like Mendi only finished their seasons last week while this year also got off to a slow start everywhere and the bemobile Cup started late too so lets have some understanding.”