Juffa raises concern over negativity


ORO Governor Garry Juffa has raised concerns that most people think politics is dirty and that there is always corruption in government.
“This is not true and it is a generalisation that tarnishes the image of good politicians who are doing their best for their people,” he said.
“There are obviously one or two that do not do the right thing, but they are not the majority, the greater majority of politicians in Parliament that I know are trying to do their best.”
Juffa made these remarks at the presentation of cheques to executives of political parties yesterday in Port Moresby.
“If you go to a school and you ask children what they want to be, everyone wants to be a lawyer, an accountant, or a doctor, but nobody wants to be a leader in Parliament,” he said.
The 47-year-old two-term Parliamentarian said that was because of the stigma that was attached to politics in Papua New Guinea, that it was a “dirty game” and those involved in it were all corrupt.
Juffa urged leaders and staff of political parties to get out and do more awareness about identifying good leaders and encouraging people to get into politics.

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