Juffa wants quick action

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The National, Wednesday July 24th, 2013


THE country’s security is at stake be­cause transnational crimes are rising alarmingly, Northern Governor Gary Juffa says.

Juffa told Parliament the Government must act fast to protect the economy and the people by quickly developing capacities to counter large-scale crimes taking root in societies, affecting social development and encouraging corruption at all levels. 

Juffa said Papua New Guinea had failed to develop mechanisms in the past to address the matter.

“Immediately after the Sept 2011 incident (in New York), all countries signed a convention on transnational crimes,” he said.

“PNG failed completely to establish any of those relevant laws. The only law that was brought up was the law on proceeds of crime. 

“None of the other laws that would in any way check or combat or address transnational crimes were ever passed or brought before Parliament. 

“PNG is vulnerable to transnational crimes and the problem is quietly growing. If we are not careful this problem will destroy our country, people and economy. 

“In order to succeed besides passing all these laws,we must develop the capacity and the capability to address these crimes effectively.” 

Speaking on the Criminal Code Bill, Juffa suggested the existing transnational crime office in Bomana should control the new division to be created by the Bill to address people smuggling and trafficking.